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SPA108 – 1000V Photovoltaic Protector – Type 2

An image of a Wallis photovoltaic surge protector
An image of a Wallis photovoltaic surge protector in a plastic enclosureAn image of a Wallis photovoltaic surge protector in a metal enclosure

SPA108 Datasheet (Click here to open)

The SPA108 is a Type 2 photovoltaic surge arrester.

This complete device consists of a base part and pluggable modules. The SPA108 is recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 1-2 for equipotential bonding of positive and negative busbars of photovoltaic systems and elimination of transient overvoltages that originate during atmospheric discharges or switching processes.

  • Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage – 1050V DC
  • Short-circuit Withstand Capability – 100A
  • Max. Discharge Current (8/20) – 40kA
  • Nominal Discharge Current (8/20) – 15kA
  • Voltage Protection Level at I– < 3.8kV

This surge protection device can be purchased as a unit on its own or with a metal or plastic enclosure.

1000V Photovoltaic Surge Protective Device

Operating Temperature Range – -40oC to +80oC

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