Three Phase Type 1 and 2 tested (BS EN 61643) surge protector for use primarily on mains power distribution systems to protect connected equipment from transient overvoltages.

Designed for use at the boundaries of LPZ 0a to LPZ 2 as part of a co-ordinated SPD system (BS EN 62305), this type of protection is usually used for equipotential bonding in structures that have a Lightning Protection System (LPS) fitted, at the point cables enter the structure (LPZ 0a or b to LPZ1 boundary).

Features and Benefits:

  • Repeated protection in lightning intense environments.
  • Per-phase remote signalling contacts allow surge protection status to be monitored via a building management system.
  • Thermal disconnect for safe disconnection from abnormal or faulty supplies.
Part Number WSP415/III/TT
Type Mains, Type 1 & 2
Nominal V 415
Operating V Range 275 Max (L-N)
Max. Current Rating N/A or 125A (config dependant)
Max. Surge Current 10/350µs (limp) 12.5kA, (L to N) (per phase); 50kA, (N to PE)
Nominal Surge Current 8/20µs (ln) 25kA (per phase)
Max. Surge Current 8/20µs (lmax) 40kA, (L to N) (per phase); 40kA, (N to PE)
Let-through V (Up) <1.2kV @ limp
Location LPZ 0 - 1 or 1 - 2