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Anti-Vandal Tape Guards

Wallis anti-vandal tape guards provide protection from accidental damage, vandalism and theft for flat tapes up to 40mm wide.

Easy to secure, the guard has a low profile and the galvanised finish offers long lasting resistance to corrosion.

L (mm)W (mm)W1 (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
L (mm)2000W (mm)72W1 (mm)40H (mm)17Unit Weight (kg)1.98Pack Quantity1Part NumberAVG
L (mm)3000W (mm)72W1 (mm)40H (mm)17Unit Weight (kg)2.72Pack Quantity1Part NumberAVG 3
L (mm)2000W (mm)72W1 (mm)40H (mm)17Unit Weight (kg)1.98Pack Quantity1Part NumberAVP

Material: (AVG) Galvanised Steel, (AVP) Mild Steel with black powder coating.

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