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A. N. Wallis & Co Ltd are one of the world’s leading Electrical Earthing & Lightning Protection component material manufacturers and suppliers. To complement our highly successful material supply business, we also offer a complete Lightning Protection Systems Design Service.

G78 Mobile Phone Base Stations Compliance, Design, Supply & Maintenance

Working across all four UK mobile network operator’s infrastructure, our team of trained and competent Engineers and Technicians can attend site to survey existing installations, providing compliance reports in accordance with Energy Networks Association Engineering Recommendation G78 Issue 4 2018 Recommendations for low voltage supplies to mobile phone base stations with antennae on high voltage structures and subsequently we can supply components and upgrades to ensure the site is fully compliant and safe.

Using our specialist test equipment and our engineer’s expertise, we can assess the existing earth systems, surge arrestors & base insulators and confirm whether these are serviceable or whether replacement units are required.  We liaise with National Grid to determine the Earth Potential Rise (EPR) of their pylon which impacts the MPBS site, from there, using CDEGS software, we can determine whether the site is safe and compliant and what, if any, additional measures are required at the site such as surface coverings.

Insulated Shaft Units (ISU)

Insulated Shaft Units (ISU) are a form of electrical isolation between the high voltage electrical systems associated with the pylon and the DNO Low Voltage supply providing power to the Mobile Phone Base Station (MPBS) to ensure dangerous voltages are not passed on to the DNO LV network.  We offer a refurbishment service for these units, replacing the motors and alternators as well as the surge arrestors and couplings to allow the unit to be returned to service in many cases.

Working in Partnership with our clients, we have developed an Isolating Transformer Unit (ITU), which requires little to no field maintenance and poses less environmental risk than existing solutions. The ITU, like the ISU, provides a form of electrical isolation between the HV systems of the pylon and the DNO LV systems.  These units have been tested to the requirements of G78 and achieve an impulse flash test of >35kV.

We can supply all Surge Arrestors, both LV & HV for these sites, which satisfy the specifications for the SA1, SA5 & SA6 as per G78 as well as Low Voltage Surge Protection Devices in compliance with BS EN 62305.

We also offer a service to advise on the best form of DNO connection for new sites, working with the DNO to ensure compliance with the G78 standard as well as the DNO’s own standards.

We know that the minimisation of downtime is critical to our clients, as such we look to respond to your requirements in the shortest time possible.

As well as G78 pylon sites, we can advise on earthing, lightning, and surge protection systems for roof-mounted telecom installations in compliance with BS EN 62305.

Our worldwide team of Engineers and Designers will ensure the best possible service for your Earthing, Lightning Protection and Surge Protection needs.

Wallis is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for our design and manufacturing services, ISO 45001:2018 for our Occupational Health & Safety Management System. We are also operating a compliant ISO 14001 Environmental Management system.

We are also accredited to design for and work on the Network Rail Infrastructure under the RISQS scheme, as well as being certified members of Constructionline, CIRAS and many others.

Our aim is to design and supply cost-effective Earth Electrode, Lightning Protection and Surge Protection Systems, using the minimum material to produce the best possible results.

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