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Green & Yellow PVC Insulated Tinned Copper Tape

An image of the green and yellow pvc insulated tinned copper tape

A. N. Wallis green & yellow PVC insulated tinned copper tape is supplied fully tinned for use in areas of high soil contamination or where different metals (e.g. aluminium and copper) will be in contact with each other and is used within a variety of earthing and lightning protection applications.

Size W x H (mm)C.S.A. (sqmm)Weight per Metre (kg)Standard Coil Size (M)Part Number
Size W x H (mm)25 x 3C.S.A. (sqmm)75Weight per Metre (kg)0.79Standard Coil Size (M)50Part NumberTT 253 GY

Material: Copper to BS EN 13601 (formerly BS 1432).

PVC colours to BS 6746C

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