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Lead Covered Copper Tape

An image of the Wallis lead covered copper tape

Wallis lead covered copper tape has a high conductivity and is an annealed 25 x 3mm flat copper earthing tape.

Suitable for a range of earthing and lightning protection applications. The lead covering means that this product can be installed in highly contaminated areas.

Size W x H (mm)C.S.A. (sqmm)Weight per Metre (kg)Standard Coil Size (M)Part Number
Size W x H (mm)25 x 3C.S.A. (sqmm)75Weight per Metre (kg)2.56Standard Coil Size (M)25Part NumberTL 253

Material: Copper to BS EN 13601 (formerly BS 1432).

Tested: BS EN 62561-2

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