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LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) Covered Aluminium Tape

An image of the Wallis lsoh covered aluminium tape

Wallis LSOH covered aluminium tapes are used in both lightning protection and earthing applications for aesthetic purposes and additional protection.

Size W x H (mm)ColourC.S.A. (sqmm)Weight per Metre (kg)Standard Coil Size (M)Part Number
Size W x H (mm)25 x 3ColourGreyC.S.A. (sqmm)75Weight per Metre (kg)0.30Standard Coil Size (M)50Part NumberTAP 253 GLOSH
Size W x H (mm)25 x 3ColourGreenC.S.A. (sqmm)75Weight per Metre (kg)0.30Standard Coil Size (M)50Part NumberTAP 253 GRLSOH

Material: Aluminium to BS EN 755-5.

PVC colours to BS 5252, Green to BS 6746C

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