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Earth Bars

Image of an earth bar
In-situ image of a earth barDimensional drawing of an earth bar

A. N. Wallis earth bars provide a convenient common earthing point for electrical installations. Our standard earth bars are manufactured from 50mm x 6mm hard drawn copper bar and come with M10 fittings and insulators. The PVC base makes our bars lighter and easier to handle as well as being entirely corrosion-proof. We also offer tinned earth bars, as well as earth bars with single and double disconnecting links.

Our new Wallis Earth Bar Software (WEBS) allows us to draw and price your requested earth bars in seconds, we can also supply you with a complete drawing of how your finished product will look, we have already drawn over 1,000 earth bars on this software and if you want to see what this software can do then email our team info@an-wallis.com.

Special earth bars manufactured to customer requirements are also available.

Recommended fixing by countersunk wood screw 1 1/2″ x No. 12 and No. 12 wall plug.

No. TerminationsL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Part Number
No. Terminations2L (mm)200W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)1.00Part NumberEBC 002
No. Terminations3L (mm)250W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)1.22Part NumberEBC 003
No. Terminations4L (mm)300W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)1.45Part NumberEBC 004
No. Terminations6L (mm)400W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)2.00Part NumberEBC 006
No. Terminations8L (mm)500W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)2.30Part NumberEBC 008
No. Terminations9L (mm)600W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)2.75Part NumberEBC 009
No. Terminations10L (mm)650W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)3.20Part NumberEBC 010
No. Terminations12L (mm)750W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)4.00Part NumberEBC 012
No. Terminations14L (mm)850W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)4.90Part NumberEBC 014
No. Terminations16L (mm)950W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)5.80Part NumberEBC 016
No. Terminations18L (mm)1100W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)6.70Part NumberEBC 018
No. Terminations20L (mm)1250W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)7.60Part NumberEBC 020
No. Terminations22L (mm)1300W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)8.50Part NumberEBC 022
No. Terminations24L (mm)1400W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)9.40Part NumberEBC 024
No. Terminations26L (mm)1550W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)10.30Part NumberEBC 026
No. Terminations28L (mm)1650W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)11.20Part NumberEBC 028
No. Terminations30L (mm)1800W (mm)90H (mm)60Unit Weight (kg)12.10Part NumberEBC 030


Bar: 50 x 6mm hard drawn copper bar to BS EN 13601.

Base: Plastic

Fittings: M10 Hexagon Head Set Screws, Nuts & Washers

Tested: BS EN 62561-1 Class H

Tightening Torque: 20 Nm

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