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Telecommunications Main Earth Bar

Dimensional drawing of a telecommunication main earth bar

The telecommunications main earth bar is used as a central consolidation point for telecommunications and other low voltage systems within the room. Typically located on walls or entry rooms where the exterior ground enters the building.

L (mm)L1 (mm)W (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
L (mm)305L1 (mm)229W (mm)102Unit Weight (kg)2.13Pack Quantity1Part NumberEBCT12
L (mm)305L1 (mm)229W (mm)102Unit Weight (kg)3.49Pack Quantity1Part NumberEBCT12K
L (mm)508L1 (mm)229W (mm)102Unit Weight (kg)3.22Pack Quantity1Part NumberEBCT20
L (mm)508L1 (mm)229W (mm)102Unit Weight (kg)4.58Pack Quantity1Part NumberEBCT20K


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