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Earth Blocks

Dimensional drawing of an earth block

These Wallis blocks allow earth conductor termination, or live conductor termination with a suitable, fully insulated housing.

TypeL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
Type4-Way SingleL (mm)54W (mm)9H (mm)12Unit Weight (kg)0.06Pack Quantity50Part NumberEBB 004/1
Type4-Way DoubleL (mm)51W (mm)18H (mm)12Unit Weight (kg)0.09Pack Quantity50Part NumberEBB 004
Type8-Way DoubleL (mm)88W (mm)18H (mm)12Unit Weight (kg)0.15Pack Quantity25Part NumberEBB 008

Material: Tinned Brass.

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