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Earth Bonding Points

Dimensional drawing of an earth bonding point

These Wallis earth bonding points are installed to provide a convenient earth system connection point in concrete structures. When cast into concrete they connect they connect the rebar to the earthing or lightning protection system.

No. HolesHole Size (mm)Plate Size (mm)Stem Ø (mm)L (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
No. Holes1Hole Size (mm)M10 x 18Plate Size (mm)38 x 38Stem Ø (mm)10.7 (70sqmm)L (mm)75Unit Weight (kg)0.14Pack Quantity10Part NumberEGP 01
No. Holes2Hole Size (mm)M10 x 18Plate Size (mm)70 x 35Stem Ø (mm)10.7 (70sqmm)L (mm)75Unit Weight (kg)0.29Pack Quantity10Part NumberEGP 02
No. Holes4Hole Size (mm)M10 x 18Plate Size (mm)63 x 63Stem Ø (mm)10.7 (70sqmm)L (mm)75Unit Weight (kg)0.54Pack Quantity10Part NumberEGP 04
No. Holes4Hole Size (mm)M8 x 1.25Plate Size (mm)100 x 100Stem Ø (mm)10.7 (70sqmm)L (mm)73Unit Weight (kg)Pack Quantity10Part NumberEGP 041

Material: High Copper Alloy.

Tested: BS EN 62561-1 Class H

Tightening Torque:  20 Nm

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