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Earth Bonding Points

An image of 3 Wallis earth bonding points
Dimensional drawing of an earth bonding point

These Wallis earth bonding points are installed to provide a convenient earth system connection point in concrete structures. When cast into concrete they connect the rebar to the earthing or lightning protection system.

No. HolesHole Size (mm)Plate Size (mm)Stem Ø (mm)L (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Part Number
No. Holes1Hole Size (mm)M10 x 18Plate Size (mm)38 x 38Stem Ø (mm)10.7 (70sqmm)L (mm)75Unit Weight (kg)0.14Part NumberEGP 01
No. Holes2Hole Size (mm)M10 x 18Plate Size (mm)70 x 35Stem Ø (mm)10.7 (70sqmm)L (mm)75Unit Weight (kg)0.29Part NumberEGP 02
No. Holes4Hole Size (mm)M10 x 18Plate Size (mm)63 x 63Stem Ø (mm)10.7 (70sqmm)L (mm)75Unit Weight (kg)0.54Part NumberEGP 04
No. Holes4Hole Size (mm)M8 x 1.25Plate Size (mm)100 x 100Stem Ø (mm)10.7 (70sqmm)L (mm)73Unit Weight (kg)Part NumberEGP 041

Material: High Copper Alloy.

Tested: BS EN 62561-1 Class H

Tightening Torque:  20 Nm

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