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Molybdenum Stainless Steel Earth Rods

4 sizes of tinned solid copper earth rods
In-situ image of an earth rod also showing a driving head coupling dowel and driving spikeDimensional drawing of a solid copper earth rod

These 254 SMO-grade molybdenum stainless steel earth rods were originally developed for use in seawater and other aggressive chloride environments. These earth rods are very high end classed as ‘super austenitic’ with chemical makeup to provide impact resistance, toughness, resistance to cracking, pitting, crevices and extremely resistant to corrosion.

The result in strength is almost twice that of 300 series stainless steels.

See our wide range of sizes below & if you have any technical questions regarding our earth rods, or are looking for a price list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Shank D mmL mmThread SizeL1 mmUnit Weight kgPack QuantityPart Number
Shank D mm16L mm1200Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg1.87Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 112MO
Shank D mm16L mm1500Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg2.35Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 115MO
Shank D mm16L mm1800Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg2.83Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 118MO
Shank D mm16L mm2400Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg3.74Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 124MO
Shank D mm16L mm3000Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg4.75Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 130MO
Shank D mm20L mm1200Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg2.95Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 212MO
Shank D mm20L mm1500Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg3.79Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 215MO
Shank D mm20L mm1800Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg4.46Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 218MO
Shank D mm20L mm2400Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg6.10Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 224MO
Shank D mm20L mm3000Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg7.57Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 230MO
Shank D mm20L mm3600Thread SizeM10L1 mm20Unit Weight kg8.90Pack Quantity5Part NumberERZ 236MO
Shank D mm25L mm1200Thread SizeM12L1 mm25Unit Weight kg4.64Pack Quantity1Part NumberERZ 312MO
Shank D mm25L mm1500Thread SizeM12L1 mm25Unit Weight kg5.81Pack Quantity1Part NumberERZ 315MO
Shank D mm25L mm1800Thread SizeM12L1 mm25Unit Weight kg6.99Pack Quantity1Part NumberERZ 318MO
Shank D mm25L mm3000Thread SizeM12L1 mm25Unit Weight kg11.69Pack Quantity1Part NumberERZ 330MO
Shank D mm25L mm2400Thread SizeM12L1 mm25Unit Weight kg9.34Pack Quantity1Part NumberERZ 324MO

Material: Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum.

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