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WSPSA5 – Surge Arrester 12kV

An image of the Wallis WSPSA1 & WSPSA5

WSPSA5 Datasheet (Click here to open)

The WSPSA5 Surge Arrester 12kV Ur, 9.6kV Uc, Polymeric Surge Arrester features and benefits:

  • Metal Oxide Arrester (ZnO).
  • Polymeric Housing.
  • Outdoor Application.
  • IEC 60099-4; 2014.
  • Nominal discharge Current: 10 kA.
  • Designation Class SL.
  • Charge Current Rate (Qrs): 1.6 C (Impulse).
  • High Current Impulse 4/10 µs: 100 kA.
  • Energy Capability (Wth): 6.7 kJ/kV at U(Thermal).
  • These arresters meet the requirements of ENA G78 Issue 4 for use as SA5 (Suitable for sites with a 50Hz ROP <30kV. Impulse withstand between tower earth and local/DNO earth components must be >38kV. See ENA Engineering recommendation G78, Issue 4, § for details).
Rated Voltage (Ur)Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc)TOV Capability (With Prior Energy), 1s (Tc)TOV Capability (With Prior Energy), 10s (Tc)Rated Short Circuit CurrentDry Impulse Voltage, 1,2/50 µsWet Power Frequency VoltageFlashover DistanceCreepage LengthMinimum Distance Between Phase CentersMinimum Distance Between Phase to EarthHeightPart Number
Rated Voltage (Ur)12 kVContinuous Operating Voltage (Uc)9.6 kVTOV Capability (With Prior Energy), 1s (Tc)13.6 kVTOV Capability (With Prior Energy), 10s (Tc)13.0 kVRated Short Circuit Current65 kADry Impulse Voltage, 1,2/50 µs321 kVWet Power Frequency Voltage122 kVFlashover Distance461 mmCreepage Length1340 mmMinimum Distance Between Phase Centers320 mmMinimum Distance Between Phase to Earth60 mmHeight449 mmPart NumberWSPSA5


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