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HV Surge Counter Coupling

In-situ image of a hv surge counter couplingDimensional drawing of a hv surge counter coupling

The HV Surge counter coupling (SCC001) is used in conjunction with the Siemens Surge Counter to allow a convenient connection between the surge counter and the conductor it is being connected to.

This assembly is usually installed on High Voltage Substations as part of the High Frequency earthing arrangement. One assembly will be installed per phase at cable sealing ends and other parts of the system where HV surges to earth are to be monitored. The HV Surge Counter Coupling is to be installed generally in line with National Grid Specification TS 3.1.2.

D (mm)L (mm)Thread SizeUnit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
D (mm)40L (mm)125Thread SizeM12Unit Weight (kg)0.75Pack Quantity1Part NumberSCC 001


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