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Low-Resistance Earthing Compound

An image of a bag of Wallis low resistance earthing compound

Wallis Low Res provides a permanent simple solution to substantially lower the resistance of an earthing system.

It is a high performance low-resistance earthing compound which when mixed with cement and water forms a high strength electrically conductive concrete to last for the life of the system.

Low Res is supplied in a fine granular form available in 25kg bags. It is widely used in earthing and grounding applications where permanent low resistance and high compressive strength solutions are required.

By mixing Low Res with cement at a ratio of 2:1 the resulting concrete is electrically conductive whilst offering a solid electrical connection between the earthing system and the ground.

To use Low Res, without concrete, simple mix with water into a slurry for holes or a firm mix for trenches.

Low Res is a non leaching, maintenance free stable earthing compound ideal for use in ground conditions where conductivity is very poor such as rock or shale. Low Res provides a permanent path for excellent conduction of current instead of attempting to employ large diameter difficult to drive earth rods.

Low Res applications include static control for aircraft aprons and fuel tankers, RF and microwave screening and earthing for a wide variety of applications in Oil and Gas installations, Telecommunications industry, Defence Establishments, Rail and Underground installations, Electricity and Water Companies.

Low Res is the permanent effective and simple solution.

TypeUnit Weight (kg)Part Number
TypeLow Res Earthing Compound OnlyUnit Weight (kg)25Part NumberEMA 25
TypeLow Res Earthing Compound Pre Mixed with CementUnit Weight (kg)25Part NumberEMA 26

Tested: BS EN 62561-7

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