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In-situ image of an overspike connected to a copperbond earth rodDimensional drawing of an overspike

These overspikes are compatible with Wallis copperbond earth rods and are used when ground conditions are tough and when more assistance is required to drive the copperbond earth rod. An internal thread allows the overspike to easily connect to the earth rod.

TypeL (mm)D (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
Type1/2"L (mm)50D (mm)19Unit Weight (kg)0.05Pack Quantity25Part NumberERBS 12
Type5/8"L (mm)47D (mm)24Unit Weight (kg)0.07Pack Quantity25Part NumberERBS 16
Type3/4"L (mm)47D (mm)24Unit Weight (kg)0.07Pack Quantity25Part NumberERBS 20

Material: Steel

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