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Parallel Groove Clamps

An image of the Wallis parallel groove clamps
In-situ image of a parallel groove clamp securing stranded cableDimensional drawing of a parallel groove clamp

Wallis Parallel Groove Clamps, for stranded copper cable connections, are manufactured from high-strength, corrosion-resistant copper alloy and assembled with two stainless steel set screws.

Conductor Range sqmmL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Set ScrewUnit Weight (kg)Part Number
Conductor Range sqmm25 - 70L (mm)51W (mm)43H (mm)8Set ScrewM8 x 35mmUnit Weight (kg)0.22Part NumberPGC 070
Conductor Range sqmm70 - 95L (mm)54W (mm)45H (mm)8.5Set ScrewM10 x 45mmUnit Weight (kg)0.46Part NumberPGC 095
Conductor Range sqmm95 - 185L (mm)65W (mm)57H (mm)12.5Set ScrewM10 x 55mmUnit Weight (kg)0.55Part NumberPGC 185
Conductor Range sqmm185 - 240L (mm)78W (mm)71H (mm)14Set ScrewM10 x 55mmUnit Weight (kg)0.66Part NumberPGC 240
Conductor Range sqmm240 - 300L (mm)94W (mm)85H (mm)16Set ScrewM10 x 60mmUnit Weight (kg)0.78Part NumberPGC 300

Material: High Copper Alloy

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