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Rebar to Tape Clamps

A picture of the A.N. Wallis Rebar to Tape Clamps
An in-situ image of the Wallis Rebar to Tape ClampsAn in-situ image of the Wallis Rebar to Tape Clamps

These A.N. Wallis rebar clamps are designed to securely connect flat conductors to reinforcing bar in either a parallel or cross configuration. With our easy-to-use design, you can quickly and safely secure your materials with ease. These clamps offer a strong mechanical connection along with excellent resistance to corrosion.

Maximum Rebar Ø mmConductor Width mmL mmW mmH mmUnit Weight kgPart Number
Maximum Rebar Ø mm20Conductor Width mmUp to 30mmL mm66W mm42H mm58Unit Weight kg0.24Part NumberRBP 2030
Maximum Rebar Ø mm32Conductor Width mmUp to 40mmL mm69W mm50H mm73Unit Weight kg0.29Part NumberRBP 3240

Material: Stainless Steel

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