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Split Bolt Connectors

In-situ image of a split bolt connector connecting stranded copper conductorsDimensional drawing of a split bolt connector

The high strength split bolt connectors will accept a wide range of stranded copper conductors. No specialist tools are required for installation.

Main Conductor A sqmmTap Conductor B sqmmH (mm)W (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
Main Conductor A sqmm10Tap Conductor B sqmm1.5 - 10H (mm)20W (mm)4Unit Weight (kg)0.02Pack Quantity200Part NumberSBC 010
Main Conductor A sqmm16Tap Conductor B sqmm2.5 - 16H (mm)23W (mm)5Unit Weight (kg)0.03Pack Quantity150Part NumberSBC 016
Main Conductor A sqmm25Tap Conductor B sqmm2.5 - 25H (mm)28W (mm)7Unit Weight (kg)0.04Pack Quantity100Part NumberSBC 025
Main Conductor A sqmm35Tap Conductor B sqmm2.5 - 35H (mm)29W (mm)8Unit Weight (kg)0.05Pack Quantity80Part NumberSBC 035
Main Conductor A sqmm50Tap Conductor B sqmm2.5 - 50H (mm)35W (mm)10Unit Weight (kg)0.08Pack Quantity50Part NumberSBC 050
Main Conductor A sqmm70Tap Conductor B sqmm2.5 - 70H (mm)39W (mm)11Unit Weight (kg)0.12Pack Quantity35Part NumberSBC 070
Main Conductor A sqmm95Tap Conductor B sqmm2.5 - 95H (mm)45W (mm)14Unit Weight (kg)0.15Pack Quantity20Part NumberSBC 095
Main Conductor A sqmm120Tap Conductor B sqmm10 - 120H (mm)47W (mm)15Unit Weight (kg)0.18Pack Quantity20Part NumberSBC 120
Main Conductor A sqmm150Tap Conductor B sqmm10 - 150H (mm)51W (mm)16Unit Weight (kg)0.23Pack Quantity10Part NumberSBC 150
Main Conductor A sqmm185Tap Conductor B sqmm50 - 185H (mm)57W (mm)18Unit Weight (kg)0.35Pack Quantity10Part NumberSBC 185
Main Conductor A sqmm240Tap Conductor B sqmm95 - 240H (mm)64W (mm)19Unit Weight (kg)0.46Pack Quantity10Part NumberSBC 240

Material: High Copper Alloy

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