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Stainless Steel Lattice Mats

An image of the Wallis stainless steel lattice mat
In-situ image of a solid copper lattice mat installed in the ground with a copper tape connectionDimensional drawing of a solid copper lattice mat

Stainless Steel Lattice Mats, manufactured from Stainless Steel 316 grade are used in areas where a high corrosive environment is present.

They are often used for potential grading and are a preferred option on installations such as telecommunication towers, where touch and step potential could cause problems.

L x W (mm)H (mm)Surface Area sqmGridUnit Weight (kg)Part Number
L x W (mm)600 x 600H (mm)3.0Surface Area sqm0.31Grid5 BarUnit Weight (kg)6.10Part NumberEML 603SS
L x W (mm)600 x 600H (mm)3.0Surface Area sqm0.55Grid10 BarUnit Weight (kg)Part NumberEML 603SS/10
L x W (mm)900 x 900H (mm)3.0Surface Area sqm0.65Grid6 BarUnit Weight (kg)7.30Part NumberEML 903SS
L x W (mm)900 x 900H (mm)3.0Surface Area sqm0.89Grid10 BarUnit Weight (kg)Part NumberEML 903SS/10
L x W (mm)900 x 900H (mm)5.0Surface Area sqm0.56Grid6 BarUnit Weight (kg)Part NumberEML 905SS

Material: Stainless Steel to SS316 Grade and SS316 Rivets.

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