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Static Earth Bonding Reel

A picture of the Wallis Static Discharge Reel
A dimensional drawing of the SDR315-AG

The Earth Bonding Reel also referred to as a Static Discharge Reel, has been engineered to tackle the threat of static electricity buildup during the transfer of gases, liquids, or powders from tankers, thereby mitigating potential spark hazards. This reel is self-retracting and boasts a robust capacity of up to 15 metres of high-conductivity copper braided cable (other lengths of cable are available upon request). Its spring and stop-catch mechanism enables effortless extension and positioning of the cable, with a simple tug initiating automatic rewinding.

Crafted from heavy-gauge steel components, the Earth Bonding Reel features standard zinc plating for durability, with optional powder-coat paint for added protection. Equipped with a safety stop, it prevents excessive winding or reverse winding of the spring, thereby enhancing its longevity.

Additional Features:

  • Sealed spring and stop-catch mechanism ward off dirt and moisture infiltration.
  • A versatile stop-catch mechanism allows for flexible mounting orientations.
  • Boasts a total earth path resistance of 0.25 Ohm.
  • A hand-rewind version is also available.
Cable Length MH mmW mmUnit Weight kgPart Number
Cable Length M15H mm325W mm165Unit Weight kg9.50Part NumberSDR315-AG


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