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Tower Earth Clamps

An image of the Wallis tower earth clamp
In-situ image of a tower earth clamp securing stranded cableDimensional drawing of a tower earth clamp

Tower earth clamps are used for bonding copper conductors onto steel surfaces.

The double-plate design provides a robust fixing in areas where cladding may be installed or where the complete clamp will be covered by concrete. The clamp is fixed by drilling a hole in the steelwork and securing with the set screw provided.

Conductor Range sqmmL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Set ScrewUnit Weight (kg)Part Number
Conductor Range sqmm16 - 70L (mm)45W (mm)30H (mm)17Set ScrewM10 x 50mmUnit Weight (kg)0.12Part NumberBTC 070
Conductor Range sqmm70 - 120L (mm)48W (mm)35H (mm)22Set ScrewM12 x 60mmUnit Weight (kg)0.23Part NumberBTC 120
Conductor Range sqmm120 - 185L (mm)60W (mm)35H (mm)14Set ScrewM12 x 75mmUnit Weight (kg)0.30Part NumberBTC 185
Conductor Range sqmm185 - 240L (mm)63W (mm)45H (mm)35Set ScrewM12 x 80mmUnit Weight (kg)0.40Part NumberBTC 240
Conductor Range sqmm240 - 300L (mm)70W (mm)53H (mm)42Set ScrewM12 x 90mmUnit Weight (kg)0.60Part NumberBTC 300

Material: High Copper Alloy

Tested: BS EN 62561-1 Class H

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