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CRE6 – Cable to Rebar

In-situ image of a cable to rebar welding connection

To safely and effectively weld cable to rebar some form of packing must be used. Preformed ceramic fibre packing (Part no. PAK 001) or Duxseal (Part no. DXS001) can be used for this purpose.

A mmB sqmmWeld PowderHandle ClampPart Number
A mm10 - 40B sqmm16Weld PowderWEP 045Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-16
A mm10 - 40B sqmm25Weld PowderWEP 045Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-25
A mm10 - 40B sqmm35Weld PowderWEP 045Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-35
A mm10 - 40B sqmm8mm ØWeld PowderWEP 065Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-8SC
A mm10 - 40B sqmm50Weld PowderWEP 065Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-50
A mm10 - 40B sqmm70Weld PowderWEP 090Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-70
A mm10 - 40B sqmm95Weld PowderWEP 090Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-95
A mm10 - 40B sqmm120Weld PowderWEP 090Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-120
A mm10 - 40B sqmm150Weld PowderWEP 150Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-150
A mm10 - 40B sqmm185Weld PowderWEP 150Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-185
A mm10 - 40B sqmm240Weld PowderWEP 200Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-240
A mm10 - 40B sqmm300Weld PowderWEP 200Handle ClampHCC 002Part NumberCRE6-C-300


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