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Welding Tools and Accessories

An image of the Wallis exothermic welding toolkit

All the tools and accessories needed to complement your Cu-nnect Exothermic Welding products.

DescriptionPart Number
DescriptionTape Cleaning BrushPart NumberTCB 001
DescriptionCable Cleaning BrushPart NumberCCB 001
DescriptionMould Cleaning BrushPart NumberMCB 001
DescriptionFlint GunPart NumberFGN 001
DescriptionMould Cleaning ScraperPart NumberMCS 001
DescriptionReplacement FlintsPart NumberFLT 001
DescriptionDisc ContainerPart NumberDSC 001
DescriptionDuxseal Sealing Compound (1lb)Part NumberDXS 001
DescriptionCeramic PackingPart NumberPAK 001
DescriptionButane TorchPart NumberBTT 001
DescriptionWelding ToolboxPart NumberTBX 001
DescriptionCu-nnect Toolkit for Bar ConnectionsPart NumberCTK 001
DescriptionCu-nnect Toolkit for Cable ConnectionsPart NumberCTK 002


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