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Weld Powders

An image of the Wallis exothermic welding powders

Cu-nnect Weld Metal is a high quality mixture of copper oxide and aluminium contained inside plastic cartridges, which are packed in boxes of 10 or 20 pieces depending on the powder weight. The metal retaining discs are contained in a separate bag inside each box. Each weld connection uses one disc.

The starting powder is compacted at the bottom of each cartridge under a pull-ring. The starting powder is released by pulling the pull-ring out of the cartridge.

Cu-nnect Weld Powder is NOT explosive, shock sensitive or subject to spontaneous ignition.

DescriptionBox QuantityPart Number
Description25g Weld PowderBox Quantity20Part NumberWEP 025
Description32g Weld PowderBox Quantity20Part NumberWEP 032
Description45g Weld PowderBox Quantity20Part NumberWEP 045
Description90g Weld PowderBox Quantity10Part NumberWEP 090
Description65g Weld PowderBox Quantity20Part NumberWEP 065
Description115g Weld PowderBox Quantity10Part NumberWEP 115
Description150g Weld PowderBox Quantity10Part NumberWEP 150
Description200g Weld PowderBox Quantity10Part NumberWEP 200
Description250g Weld PowderBox Quantity10Part NumberWEP 250


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