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Air Rod Cable Saddles

The newly designed Wallis air rod cable saddles are used to support the copper taper pointed air rods on flat roof surfaces.

Conductor Size (sqmm)Thread SizeL (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
Conductor Size (sqmm)50-70Thread SizeM16L (mm)70H (mm)65Unit Weight (kg)0.90Pack Quantity5Part NumberASGF 5070
Conductor Size (sqmm)95-120Thread SizeM16L (mm)125H (mm)65Unit Weight (kg)1.15Pack Quantity5Part NumberASGF95120
Conductor Size (sqmm)95-120Thread SizeM20L (mm)125H (mm)Unit Weight (kg)0.90Pack Quantity5Part NumberASGF 5070/20

Material: High Copper Alloy

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