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Low Impact Standing Seam Roof Fixings

An image of the Wallis low impact standing seam roof fixing

The Wallis ‘Low Impact’ standing seam roof fixings are used for fixing lightning conductors onto various standing seam roofing structures.

This unique ‘low impact’ clamping action is ideal for use on modern day roofing surfaces with thin coatings where damage to the coating must be avoided. The Wallis design utilities a natural clamping action that fits securely around the profile and avoids the use of screws that may damage the roofing coating.

The Wallis Low Impact Standing Seam Roof Fixings are available in Stainless Steel or Aluminium.

L (mm)W (mm)D (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Part Number
L (mm)66W (mm)50D (mm)40Unit Weight (kg)0.86Part NumberKZA 001
L (mm)66W (mm)50D (mm)40Unit Weight (kg)1.24Part NumberKZS 001

Material: (KZA) Aluminium, (KZS) Stainless Steel

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