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Puddle Flanges

An image of a Wallis puddle flange

The puddle flange is used where the down conductor must pass through a roof or waterproof membrane. The flats of the flange are made waterproof by fixing with glue, concrete or specialist roofing materials. See our range of A Clamps (ERA) suitable for use with puddle flanges.

For use withL (mm)W (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
For use withCopper ConductorL (mm)600W (mm)150 x 150Unit Weight (kg)1.68Pack Quantity1Part NumberPFC 01
For use withAluminium ConductorL (mm)600W (mm)150 x 150Unit Weight (kg)0.54Pack Quantity1Part NumberPFA 01

Material: (PFC) Copper, (PFA) Aluminium.

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