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Rainwater Pipe Bond

An image of the Wallis rainwater pipe bond

These pipe bonds can be used on any application where the perforated tape can be wrapped around circular objects such as pipes or rails etc.

The BRG08 and BRG08/800 are designed for use with bare solid circular copper conductors.

The BRA08 is designed for use with bare solid aluminium conductor.

The BRG070 is designed for use with bare stranded conductor.

The BRG08 is suitable for pipe diameters ranging from 30mm-140mm whereas the BRG08/800 will cover pipe diameters ranging from 30mm-200mm.

For use withConductor Size (mm)L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Part Number
For use withBare Solid Circular Copper ConductorConductor Size (mm)8L (mm)55W (mm)32H (mm)17Unit Weight (kg)0.37Part NumberBRG 08
For use withBare Solid Circular Aluminium ConductorConductor Size (mm)8L (mm)51W (mm)31H (mm)16Unit Weight (kg)0.09Part NumberBRA 08
For use withBare Stranded ConductorConductor Size (mm)70L (mm)56W (mm)31H (mm)18Unit Weight (kg)0.33Part NumberBRG 070

Material: (BRG) High Copper Alloy with Perforated Copper Tail, (BRA) Aluminium with Perforated Steel Tail.

Tested: BS EN 62561-1 Class H

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