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Stainless Steel Strike Pad Set

An image of the Wallis stainless steel strike pad set

The Wallis stainless steel strike pad is a pre-assembled set comprising of:

  • A Stainless-Steel Strike Pad (SPS001)
  • Multi-Purpose Base (UAG253)
  • Extended Dowel, for deep finish areas (ERD300)
  • Lock Nuts

The stainless-steel strike pad is used in areas where the air termination network is installed within the makeup level with varying depths of finish areas. The stainless-steel strike pads offer a brushed look and with a flat head, they can be used on exposed balconies, public access areas and complex roof facades.

For use withD (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Part Number
For use withCopper & Aluminium ConductorsD (mm)122H (mm)310Unit Weight (kg)0.80Part NumberSPS 001 SET

Material: Stainless Steel

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