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Wallis Lightning Event Counter

An image of the Wallis lightning and surge event counter

The Wallis lightning event counter is used to register the number of direct lightning strikes. This product comes with many features and benefits:

  • Long service life due to the fact that no battery is needed to power the product
  • Sensitive response with trigger current at 500A
  • Can register very high lightning strikes up to 150kA 8/20
  • 32mm through hole, easy to install and use, a simple insertion of the down conductor is required
  • IP67 for outdoor installation
  • Mechanical count, 6 digit display
Counting Current (rise time >8μs)Sequence of ImpulseCurrent Sample ModeEnclosure MaterialDegree of ProtectionPart Number
Counting Current (rise time >8μs)> 500ASequence of Impulse> 1sCurrent Sample ModeInductive Probe (Built-in)Enclosure MaterialSteelDegree of ProtectionIP67Part NumberWSPLSC


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