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Wallis Lightning Event Counter

The Wallis lightning event counter is used to register the number of direct lightning strikes. This product comes with many features and benefits:

  • Long service life due to the fact that no battery is needed to power the product
  • Sensitive response with trigger current at 500A
  • Can register very high lightning strikes up to 150kA 8/20
  • 32mm through hole, easy to install and use, a simple insertion of the down conductor is required
  • IP67 for outdoor installation
  • Mechanical count, 6 digit display
Counting Current (rise time >8μs)Sequence of ImpulseCurrent Sample ModeEnclosure MaterialDegree of ProtectionPart Number
Counting Current (rise time >8μs)> 500ASequence of Impulse> 1sCurrent Sample ModeInductive Probe (Built-in)Enclosure MaterialSteelDegree of ProtectionIP67Part NumberWSPLSC


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