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An image of the Wallis Surge event monitoring device.
Wiring diagram of a WSP-SC100 surge event monitor

The WSP-SC100 is a DIN mountable stand-alone Surge event monitoring device. It is designed to incrementally log events detected above a 100A pk threshold providing valuable information on location exposure to current surge and overvoltage activity.

It uses a clip-on current sense transducer that can be located to monitor activity in any return path from a Surge Protection Device and can be used as a guide to SPD durability.

The count can be reset to accommodate any protection system modifications or upgrades allowing monitor continuity.

Conveniently the WSP-SC100 can be either mains supply powered with battery back-up, or directly battery powered if appropriate.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple to install.
  • Easy to reset.
  • Battery life typically >5 years.
Current Sense ThresholdCount LimitDisplaySensor Lead LengthMaximum Supply Operating VoltagePart Number
Current Sense Threshold>100A 8/20μs ImpulseCount Limit9999 - re-settableDisplayLEDSensor Lead Length500mmMaximum Supply Operating Voltage275VacPart NumberWSP-SC100

Tested: BS EN 61643-11

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