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The WSP-DBP-24-6 Wallis data line surge protector
Wiring diagram of a WSP-DBP-24-6 data line surge protector

The WSP-DBP-24/6 is a complex range of surge protection devices designed for protection of data, communication, measuring and control lines against surge effects.

These surge protection devices are recommended for use in the Lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries of LPZ 0A(B)– 1 according to EN 62305. All types provide effective protection of connected equipment against common mode and differential mode surge effects according to IEC 61643-21. The nominal current of individual protected lines IN < 0,1A.

This device consist of gas discharge tubes, series impedance and transils, offering 3 pair protection. Produced for a nominal voltage of 24V. The maximum discharge current is 10kA (8/20) and the connection of the protected lines is carried out by screw terminals.

No. of Protected PairsNominal Voltage (Un)Max. Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc)Nominal Current (In)Data RateSeries Impedance per LinePart Number
No. of Protected Pairs3Nominal Voltage (Un)24VMax. Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc)28.6VNominal Current (In)100mAData Rate1 Mbit/sSeries Impedance per Line1.5 - 10ΩPart NumberWSP-DBP-24/6


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