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WSPTHINNET (Data, Type 2)

The WSPTHINNET Wallis data line protection surge protector
Wiring diagram of a WSPTHINNET data line surge protector


Designed for business and industrial applications, these products provide protection for local area networks, CCTV/video equipment, computer communication interfaces and process control systems against the damaging effects of transient overvoltages caused by lightning, AC power systems and other electrically ‘noisy’ sources.

The WSPTHINNET provides primary level surge protection for Ethernet 10Base2 (ThinNet or CheaperNet) systems with BNC connectors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Meets the requirements of BS EN 62305-4:2011 and BS EN 61643 21/22.
  • DIN rail mounting for modular installation.
  • Panel mounting screw holes for permanent installation.
  • Negligible effect on normal line operation.
  • Earthing kits and enclosures for multiple modules available.
  • Low let-through voltages.
Nominal VOperating V RangeMax. Current RatingNominal Surge Current 8/20μsMax. Surge Current 8/20μsLet-through VLocationPart Number
Nominal V-2.05Operating V Range6.5 MaxMax. Current Rating0.33A (Signal)Nominal Surge Current 8/20μs5kAMax. Surge Current 8/20μs10kALet-through V20VLocationLPZ 1-2Part NumberWSPTHINNET

Tested: BS EN 61643-21

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