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An image of the Wallis Transient Earth Clamp
Wiring diagram of a WSPTEC transient earth clamp

The WSPTEC is designed for the equipotential bonding of earthing systems that cannot be directly connected under normal conditions. During normal operation the device is effectively open circuit, maintaining isolation between the two earth systems. During fault conditions that generate a large enough potential between the two earth systems, the device switches to a short circuit condition, connecting the two for the duration of the fault before automatically re-setting to an open circuit state.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple to install.
  • Impulse life is 500 A, 10/1000 μs >400 Operations.
  • Operating Temperature -30 to 85 oC
Rated DC Sparkover Voltage at 100V/sToleranceImpulse Sparkover Voltage at 1000V/μsArc Voltage at 1AInsulation Resistance at 250 VdcCapacitance at 1MHzImpulse Discharge CurrentPart Number
Rated DC Sparkover Voltage at 100V/s350VTolerance+/-20%Impulse Sparkover Voltage at 1000V/μs<900VArc Voltage at 1A10VInsulation Resistance at 250 Vdc>1GΩCapacitance at 1MHz10pFImpulse Discharge Current100kA 8/20μs, 1 Operation 60kA 8/20μs, 5 Operations 10kA 10/350μs, 1 OperationPart NumberWSPTEC

Tested: BS EN 61643-21

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