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The WSP-HSA-40-40-230RCF Wallis mains distribution surge protector
Wiring diagram of a WSP-HSA-40-40-230 mains distribution surge protector

The WSP-HSA/40/40/230RCF is an all-mode Class 2/3 surge arrester to BS EN 61643-11.

Designed for the protection of sensitive equipment, the arrester is an ideal solution for installation at the boundary of LPZ1/LPZ2 to help fulfil the requirements of BS EN 62305.

The arrester features high surge current, all mode protection, thermal and overcurrent protection and a resettable surge counter, with visual, audible and remote indication of the arresters status.

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains a capacitive filter to reduce EMI/RFI, up to 50dB from 10kHz to 1000MHz.
  • Monitors all modes of protection and can be configured to operate at the customers specified surge magnitude.
  • Surge counter trigger peak @ current magnitude 50A pulse or customer selection.
  • Surge counter reset button – cannot be operated accidentally.
  • Equipped with an audible alarm, LED status indication and remote monitoring contacts to warn the user in the event of a surge protection fault.
  • The audible alarm can be silenced via a pushbutton, without affecting other status indication.
Nominal Operating VoltageMaximum Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc)Protection ModesVoltage Protection Level at 5kA 8/20 μs (Up)Max. Surge Current (8/20μs) L-N; L-E; N-E (Imax)Part Number
Nominal Operating Voltage240 rmsMaximum Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc)275 rmsProtection ModesPhase-Neutral; Phase-Earth; Neutral-Earth; Phase-PhaseVoltage Protection Level at 5kA 8/20 μs (Up)<670 L-N; L-E; N-E <1340V L-LMax. Surge Current (8/20μs) L-N; L-E; N-E (Imax)40kA/Mode or PhasePart NumberWSP-HSA/40/40/230RCF


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