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The WSP-HSA-50-100-230RCF Wallis mains distribution surge protector
Wiring diagram of a WSP-HSA-50-100-230RCF mains distribution surge protector

The WSP-HSA/50/100/230RCF is an all-mode Class 1 surge arrester to BS EN 61643-11.

Designed for the protection of the incoming supply and main switchboards of large structures in high lightning exposure areas, the arrester is an ideal solution for installation at the boundary of LPZ0a/LPZ1 to help fulfil the requirements of BS EN 62305.

The arrester features high surge current, all mode protection, thermal and overcurrent protection and a resettable surge counter, with visual, audible and remote indication of the arresters status.

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains a capacitive filter to reduce EMI/RFI, up to 50dB from 10kHz to 1000MHz.
  • Monitors all modes of protection and can be factory configured to operate at the customers specified surge magnitude.
  • Surge counter trigger peak @ current magnitude 50A pulse or customer selection.
  • Surge counter reset button – cannot be operated accidentally.
  • Equipped with an audible alarm, LED status indication and remote monitoring contacts to warn the user in the event of a surge protection fault.
  • The audible alarm can be silenced via a pushbutton, without affecting other status indication.
Nominal Operating VoltageMaximum Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc)Operating FrequencyTemporary Overvoltage L/N, L/E (Ut)Protection ModesVoltage Protection Level at Iimp (Up)Lightning Impulse Current (Iimp)Part Number
Nominal Operating Voltage240 rmsMaximum Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc)275 rmsOperating Frequency50-60HzTemporary Overvoltage L/N, L/E (Ut)335 V/5 secProtection ModesPhase-Neutral; Phase-Earth; Neutral-Earth; Phase-PhaseVoltage Protection Level at Iimp (Up)<1300V L-N; L-E; N-E <2600V L-LLightning Impulse Current (Iimp)100kAPart NumberWSP-HSA/50/100/230RCF


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