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WSP240M1 (Mains, Type 1 & 2)

The WSP240M1 Wallis mains distribution protection surge protector
Wiring diagram of a WSP240M1 distribution surge protector

Single phase Type 1 and 2 tested (BS EN 61643) surge protector for use primarily on mains power distribution systems to protect connected equipment from transient overvoltages. The WSP240 range of surge products are normally used as part of a totally integrated surge protection system and as such should be considered as the first line of defence. Local distribution panels and equipment connected ‘downstream’ should also be protected. The WSP240 range should be installed at the point of cable entry to a building and at the distribution point for each floor of a multi-storey building containing sensitive electrical/electronic equipment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Full mode (All mode) protection.
  • Low let through voltage.
  • Protects against transient overvoltages without interruption of supply.
  • Pre-failure warning and reserve protection stages allow for continuous protection of equipment.
  • Proven technology for safe disconnection of the device from abnormal supply conditions or at end of life.
  • Per-phase visual indication of surge protection status.
  • Remote changeover contacts can be used for integration into a building management system or other remote warning systems.
  • Visual indication, via an LED, of high neutral to earth voltages. High neutral to earth voltages indicate potentially dangerous site conditions/faults.
  • Robust epoxy coated steel construction.
  • The compact design allows the unit to be installed in any convenient location, minimising the length of connecting cables and let-through voltage (Up).


Part Numbers:

– Without Remote Signalling WSP240M

– With Remote Signalling WSP240MA

– With Remote Signalling & On-Board Fault Indicator WSP240M1

Nominal VOperating V RangeMax. Surge Current 10/350μsNominal Surge Current 8/20μsMax. Surge Current 8/20μsLet-through VPart Number
Nominal V240Operating V Range200-300 (L-N)Max. Surge Current 10/350μs6.25kANominal Surge Current 8/20μs20kAMax. Surge Current 8/20μs40kALet-through V<1.5kV @ In; <800V @ IimpPart NumberWSP240M1

Tested: BS EN 61643-11

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