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An image of the Wallis Low Current EMI Filter
Wiring diagram of a WSP-F1-230-3 low current EMI filter

The Low Current EMI Filter, is a standalone design that can be mounted close to the point of use. The filter is available in single and three phase options. The filter is enclosed in a metal housing to ensure the best possible screening. The filter also has the added benefit of Surge Protection. The filter is series mounted to the supply with the Surge Protection and Capacitor Suppression in parallel, within the unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple to install.
  • A response time of <10 ns.
Voltage Rating (Nominal)Low Current RatingSurge Handling (8/20μs)Voltage Protection Level (Up) 8/20μsPart Number
Voltage Rating (Nominal)230V rmsLow Current Rating3AmpSurge Handling (8/20μs)19.5kAVoltage Protection Level (Up) 8/20μs900V @3kA 8/20μsPart NumberWSP-F1/230/3

Tested: BS EN 61643-21

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