WSP06E - WSP15E - WSP30E - WSP50E

Designed for business and industrial applications, these products provide protection for local area networks, CCTV/video equipment, computer communication interfaces and process control systems against the damaging effects of transient overvoltages caused by lightning, AC power systems and other electrically "noisy" sources.

Features and Benefits:

  • Meets the requirements of BS EN62305-4:2006 and BS EN61643 21/22
  • DIN rail mounting for modular installation
  • Panel mounting screw holes for permanent installation
  • Negligible effect on normal line operation
  • Earthing kits and enclosures for multiple modules available
  • Low let-through voltages
Part Number WSP06E WSP15E WSP30E WSP50E
Type Data, Type 2
Nominal V 6 15 30 50
Operating V Range 7.5 Max 16.5 Max 36.5 Max 58 Max
Max. Current Rating 0.33A (Signal)
Nominal Surge Current 8/20µs (ln) 5kA
Max. Surge Current 8/20µs (lmax) 10kA
Let-through V (Up) 11V 27V 45V 75V
@ 5kV (10/700µs), 125A pk
Location LPZ 1 - 2