Designed for business and industrial applications, these products provide protection for telecoms systems against the damaging effects of transient overvoltages caused by lightning, AC power systems and other electrically "noisy" sources.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low let through voltage
  • Protects against transient overvoltages without interruption of service
  • Negligible effect on normal line operation
  • Various mounting methods available - DIN rail, Hardwired and LSA PlusTM
  • Earthing kits and enclosures for multiple modules available
Part Number WSPTLP/4
Type Data, Type 2
Nominal V 190 Max
Operating V Range 190 Max
Max. Current Rating 0.3A (Signal)
Nominal Surge Current 8/20µs (ln) 5kA per pair
Max. Surge Current 8/20µs (lmax) 10kA per pair
Let-through V (Up) <265V
Location LPZ 1 - 2