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Threaded Driving Heads

In-situ image of a threaded driving head connected to a copperbond earth rodDimensional drawing of a threaded driving head

These Wallis re-usable threaded driving heads are suitable for driving copperbond threaded earth rods by hand or with a power hammer. The driving head screws into the threaded coupling to allow deep driving of the earth rods.

Used in conjunction with Copperbond Earth Rods.

TypeL mmD mmUnit Weight kgPack QuantityPart Number
Type1/2"L mm50D mm20Unit Weight kg0.08Pack Quantity25Part NumberERBD 12
Type5/8"L mm55D mm22Unit Weight kg0.08Pack Quantity25Part NumberERBD 16
Type3/4"L mm60D mm25Unit Weight kg0.13Pack Quantity25Part NumberERBD 20
Type3/4"L mm120D mm22Unit Weight kg0.30Pack Quantity25Part NumberERBD 21*
Type3/4"L mm60D mm30Unit Weight kg0.15Pack Quantity25Part NumberERBD 25

Material: Steel

*The ERBD 21 is a driving head with a 3/4″ thread and a 5/8″ head.

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