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SPA101 – Compact Single Phase Surge Protection Device – Type 2

An image of the Wallis SPA101, type 2 surge protection device
An image of a Wallis surge protection device in a plastic enclosureAn image of a Wallis surge protection device in a metal enclosure

SPA101 Datasheet (Click here to open)

This compact single phase neutral surge protection device (part number – SPA101) is for installation at LPZ 0B-1 or higher, protecting low voltage equipment from surge damage.

Designed according to IEC61643-11/GB 18802.1, this device has a pluggable modular SPD Class II (Class C) TN and TT power supply system. This surge protection device is usually installed in the distribution box or feeder bus of the UPS, protecting devices or equipment downstream.

A fuse must be installed at the upstream of the SPD/lightning arrester to ensure that the protected system has double protection.

  • Type 2 – Class 2
  • DIN Rail Mountable
  • Simple to install
  • Can be used to protect your home, office as well as electronic equipment
  • Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage – 275VAC (L-N); 255VAC (N-PE)
  • Nominal Discharge Current (8/20) – 20kA (L-N); 40kA (N-PE)
  • Max. Discharge Current (8/20) – 40kA (L-N); 65kA (N-PE)
  • Voltage Protection Level at In< 1.25kV (L-N); < 1.5kV (N-PE)
  • Voltage Protection Level 5kA – < 1.0kV (L-N)

This surge protection device can be purchased as a unit on its own or with a metal or plastic enclosure.

Compact Single-Phase Surge Protective Device

Operating Temperature Range – -40oC to +80oC

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