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Driving Heads

A photo of a Wallis driving head
In-situ image of a driving head connected to an earth rodDimensional drawing of a driving head

The driving head protects the internal thread and the top of the earth rod from damage when being driven into the ground.

Used in conjunction with Solid Copper Earth Rods, Tinned Solid Copper Earth Rods & Stainless Steel Earth Rods.

D (mm)L (mm)Thread SizeL1 (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Part Number
D (mm)16L (mm)38Thread SizeM10L1 (mm)20Unit Weight (kg)0.03Part NumberERCD 16
D (mm)20L (mm)41Thread SizeM10L1 (mm)20Unit Weight (kg)0.06Part NumberERCD 20
D (mm)25L (mm)45Thread SizeM12L1 (mm)25Unit Weight (kg)0.10Part NumberERCD 25

Material: Steel

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