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Driving Spikes

In-situ image of a driving spikeDimensional drawing of a driving spike

These driving spikes enable earth rods to be driven easily into the ground.

Used in conjunction with Solid Copper Earth Rods, Tinned Solid Copper Earth Rods & Stainless Steel Earth Rods.

D (mm)L (mm)Thread SizeL1 (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
D (mm)16L (mm)42Thread SizeM10L1 (mm)20Unit Weight (kg)0.03Pack Quantity25Part NumberERCS 16
D (mm)20L (mm)51Thread SizeM10L1 (mm)20Unit Weight (kg)0.06Pack Quantity25Part NumberERCS 20
D (mm)25L (mm)60Thread SizeM12L1 (mm)20Unit Weight (kg)0.10Pack Quantity25Part NumberERCS 25

Material: Steel

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