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Concrete Earth Inspection Housing Pit with Stainless Steel Plate

An image of a Wallis concrete earth inspection housing unit with a stainless steel plate
In-situ image of a concrete earth inspection pit installed into the ground over an earth rod and copper tapeDimensional drawing of a concrete earth inspection pit

This Wallis concrete earth inspection housing pit also comes complete with a Stainless Steel tag or identification label.

These Wallis concrete earth pits are becoming increasingly common and are used on large sites where pit location and identification are important.

Wallis have supplied these earthing concrete pits to Shell petrochemical plants in Nigeria, water authorities in UAE as well as rail authorities in the UK and are bespoke to the client’s needs.

We offer various numbering, various wording and various languages including Arabic.

The base is also designed to accept a diagonal earth bar with 5 or 7 terminations (EBC 05 and EBC 07).

Lid TypeL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Part Number
Lid TypeNon Trip Plain LidL (mm)315W (mm)315H (mm)170Unit Weight (kg)24Part NumberERH 03W

Material: Concrete.

Tested: BS EN 62561-5

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