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‘U’ Bolt Clamps – Double Plate Type for Vertical Flat Tapes

An image of a Wallis double plate u bolt clamp
Dimensional drawing of a u bolt clamp

This versatile range of Wallis ‘U’ bolt clamps can be used to connect flat tapes and stranded cables to earth rods, reinforcing bars (rebar), handrails etc.

These ‘U’ bolts are used to connect flat tapes in a vertical position on the earth rod and are manufactured from high copper alloy with an M10 threaded copper ‘U’ bolt.

Maximum Rod Ø mmTape Width (mm)L (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Part Number
Maximum Rod Ø mm16Tape Width (mm)25L (mm)58W (mm)62H (mm)33Unit Weight (kg)0.23Part NumberERU 216
Maximum Rod Ø mm25Tape Width (mm)25L (mm)73W (mm)60H (mm)33Unit Weight (kg)0.23Part NumberERU 225
Maximum Rod Ø mm31Tape Width (mm)25L (mm)85W (mm)68H (mm)33Unit Weight (kg)0.32Part NumberERU 231
Maximum Rod Ø mm38Tape Width (mm)25L (mm)80W (mm)75H (mm)33Unit Weight (kg)0.34Part NumberERU 238
Maximum Rod Ø mm50Tape Width (mm)25L (mm)103W (mm)90H (mm)33Unit Weight (kg)0.53Part NumberERU 250
Maximum Rod Ø mm20Tape Width (mm)40 x 5L (mm)74W (mm)76H (mm)25Unit Weight (kg)0.35Part NumberERU 416

Material: High Copper Alloy plates with M10 threaded copper ‘U’ bolt.

Tested: BS EN 62561-1 Class H

Tightening Torque: 20 Nm

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