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Heavy Duty Earth Inspection Housing with Concrete Lid

An image of the Wallis heavy duty earth inspection housing with concrete lid

The Wallis ‘lightweight’ but heavy duty earth housing is available with a concrete lid. Clients often prefer the convenience of the lightweight pit for transportation, freight and handling along with the assurance of the colour of the concrete lid as the colour and texture of the concrete lid blends well with the surrounding cement.

This hybrid pit is load rated to 4,500 kilograms and is suitable for most commercial and pedestrian applications. The base has three built-in slots for locating earth bars.

Lid TypeL x W (mm)H (mm)L1 x W1 (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Part Number
Lid TypeCentral Lifting EyeL x W (mm)306H (mm)216L1 x W1 (mm)90 x 90Unit Weight (kg)8.60Part NumberERH 10L

Material: Polypropylene with a Concrete Lid.

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