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Light Duty Earth Inspection Housings

The Wallis light duty earth inspection housing has a maximum safe working load of 2,000 kilograms. It is UV stabilised against degradation by sunlight and non-brittle to prevent cold weather damage.

The unique, detachable easy-locking lid ensures security of equipment as the locking mechanism can only be operated by the special key provided with the housing. The base has built-in slots for locating earth bars.

Its lightweight feature allows easy handling, storage and transportation. The termination depth is increased 100% by simply locking two units together, allowing deeper earth electrode connections to be made.

Lid ColourL x W (mm)H (mm)L1 x W1 (mm)Unit Weight (kg)Pack QuantityPart Number
Lid ColourGreyL x W (mm)260H (mm)230L1 x W1 (mm)200Unit Weight (kg)1.50Pack Quantity1Part NumberERH 21
Lid ColourBlackL x W (mm)260H (mm)230L1 x W1 (mm)200Unit Weight (kg)1.50Pack Quantity1Part NumberERH 20

Material: Polypropylene

Tested: BS EN 62561-5

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