Earth Rod Seals

The Wallis market leading range of earth rod seals are simply the best available in the industry offering 4 variations with very few components, extremely robust and simple to install.

Office blocks in the modern city are frequently adjoined therefore requiring earth rods to be located within the building footprint. In such cases earth rods are usually installed in the basement or underground car park, which requires the earth rod to pass through the buildings floor slab and water proof membrane.

In such cases in order to prevent water ingression an earth rod seal is required around the earth rod. The Wallis earth rod seals are purpose designed to meet this need. They are extremely robust offering heavy duty sealing as well as being simple to install.

The Wallis seals offer superior features and benefits:

  • Simple to install - Very easy to align, no concerns with damaged O rings and leaks.
  • One seal fits all - One seal fits all diameters of earth rods and does not require complicated adaptor kits.
  • Extremely robust - Damage during installation is highly unlikely.
  • Very few components - With minimal components for each earth rod seal the risk of lost parts is effectively eliminated.
  • Very adaptable - Wallis earth rod seals give the designer/installer the convenience of being able to use this product with:
    • A Wallis heavy duty plastic inspection pit.
    • A Wallis concrete inspection pit.
    • No inspection pit at all.
    • Other earth rod seals in the industry are limited for use solely with plastic pits and have a large number of (easy to damage) small components.
  • Can be used in concrete slabs of up 3m thick (3m tube available on request).
  • Complies with BS EN 62305-3 and BS EN 62561-5 (Requirements for earth electrode inspection housings and earth electrode seals).
  • Sealing in all directions - The Wallis sealing component has the unique mechanical effect of sealing in all directions. It pushes out towards the body of the sealing unit and in towards the earth rod electrode giving maximum surface area contact.
  • No metallic parts - As the Wallis earth rod seals are supplied with no metallic parts this offers total corrosion resistance and prevents unwanted maintenance costs.
  • Compatible with all Wallis earth rods - The simple unique design allows the earth rod seal to be used on all rod types, solid copper, copperbonded and stainless steel as well as all rod sizes.
  • Guarantee - We provide a warranty for this product for 36 months, no other product in the industry offers all of the above.


Type Earth Rod



Tube Length


Unit Weight


Pack Quantity Part Number
Single Flange with gland nut










N/A 1.32 1 WES 001
Double Flange, both with gland nuts N/A 2.61 WES 002
Single Flange with top seal and 300mm long pipe. 300 1.58 WES 003
Single Flange with top seal and 1200mm long pipe 1200 2.27 WES 003/1200
Double Flange with gland nut and 1200mm long pipe 1200 2.82 WES 004/1200

All seals are suitable for use with 14.2, 15, 16, 17.2 and 20mm Dia earth rods.

Material: Plastic.